Erection of Gabion Retaining Walls

Erection of gabion retaining walls, gabion mesh are designs that are woven from galvanized wire baskets filled with natural or artificial stone.

Gabion box sizes

Gabion box mesh: standard type gabion are made from flexible hot dip galvanized wire mesh of the type and size as specified below and detailed in the enclosed sizes.

Application of Gabion Mesh

Gabions are used for bank protection, retaining walls of gabion, strengthening of the slopes, artificial ponds, culverts, drainage facilities and landscaping.

Gabion Bank Protection

gabion bank protection Helps to prevent collapse, coastal erosion of the slope, and also protects from the effects of currents and waves, helping to avoid floods during heavy rains and protect the area from damage.

The Protection Performance of Gabion

Gabion protection performance includes reinforcement of soil, erosion protection, protection against landslides, mudflow, rockfall and avalanches

The Use of Gabions

Gabions have a wide application: construction retaining walls, bank slopes protection or protective devices