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Gabion Mesh for Bank Protection and Retaining Walls of Gabion

Bank protection

Bank protection
Setup gabion structures in a coastal strip. Gabions are heavy enough by filling them with rubble stone, which allows the construction of gabions to retain soil without additional devices. Layer between the gabion and earth is geotextile. The geotextile and the backfill of sand can design breathe by passing the water. and it preventing the mixing of the layers of earth and creation of water pressure on the structure.
Gabion is the best way to strengthen the bank collapses in the soil and the need to increase the load on the coastal zone. In addition, construction of gabion will help you create an atmosphere of beauty and durability. Your bank after construction will take the form of the fundamental structures and create an atmosphere of eternity and inviolability.
In addition, bank protection with gabion may execute at any time of year, even in winter.

Retaining walls of gabion

Retaining walls of gabion
Retaining walls are always carried a significant function in keeping the soil from the devastating effects. Materials for ground use different props - wood, stone, concrete, metal, etc. However, one function - to keep the soil in a fixed position under load. Today, Gabion structures have proven to be the most durable, environmentally friendly and easy way to consolidate the ground in a state of relative dormancy. Gabions are more durable with respect to similar structures made of concrete. In addition, due to the ability to filter water gabion structures and thus avoid pressure on the retaining wall. Over time, gabion retaining wall from growing into the soil and becomes part of it. Moreover, the time structure is not weakened, as is the case with concrete retaining walls, and is gaining strength.
Retaining wall of gabions - this building, retaining soil slopes, embankments and excavations from collapsing. Retaining walls of gabion keep the load from one side. Most often, retaining walls are used in areas with rapid changes in altitude.
Raising the retaining walls of gabion structures, the following tasks:

  • Drainage, due to the porosity, the design is passed through a water.
  • Static pressure is maintained at the expense of flexibility of the entire structure.
  • Applicable in hard-to large-scale construction equipment, field.
  • To save floor space.

Strengthening of the slopes
Strengthening of the slopes may perform a variety of ways, but nowadays the most popular are the options for using the reno mattresses and geogrid, as well as all of the above methods in conjunction with retaining walls of the gabion. Depending on the problem to be solved, our experts pick the best way to strengthen the slope, ensuring a solution to the problem. Gabions are not always able to meet the challenge. There are situations where enough merely divert water or to sow grass on the slope. Often the decision is made on the basis of geology and the specific piece of land.

Artificial ponds
Create an artificial pond with gabion structures may be at any site in any soil. And as you can refine the existing pond and completely build a new . The spectrum of gabions is inexhaustible. In this case you can not worry about the environmental problem as gabions. It is one of the greenest construction methods to date.

Build and repair culverts, like everything else, perhaps with the help of gabions. In most cases, it is cheaper concrete, and always beautiful and environmentally friendly. It's no secret that the majority of tubes are deformed due to movements of the soil. It is therefore important for a project decision to restore or provide for the construction of pipes of this factor. The soil around the pipe should be strengthened and protected from possible deformations. The most appropriate solution for this is using gabions. This solution is tightly stuck on the railways and roads, that speaks of its practicality and functionality.

Sluice trays
Sluice tray is designed to divert water from the plant and directly affects the continued operation of any facility. If your site already has a building of gabions, or you need to make culverts beautiful appearance, the culvert tray of gabions clearly fit into any design. In most cases, it is cheaper concrete, and always beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Drainage facilities
Drainage facilities is an important component of any construction. Water can nullify all the efforts, if not to put in the right direction in time. For the organization of drainage has plenty to offer, including the use of gabion structures. Gabions can be used for the construction of major drainage structures and drainage devices for slots and trays for small garden plots. In our region use of gabions and gabion structures over the past 10 years proved to be only on the positive side. They are used in construction (including drainage structures) on the railways, roads, water resources, housing, construction of energy facilities, the private sector, etc.

Landscaping is no strict boundaries and patterns. It is possible to use any materials and methods, as long as your area look nice and pleasing to the eye. Gabions and gabion structures are suitable for this purpose the most. It is beautiful, durable, functional and stylish. Gabions can be constructed from decorative designs, retaining walls, patios, fences, pools, steps, piers and marinas, as well as many other forms and structures. Gabions give to all that are made, unique, fundamental and unlimited lifespan.

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