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Gabion Retaining Wall Erection and Calculation Stages

Erection of gabion retaining walls

If your land is not a flat surface, and highly visible relief, our specialists are ready to assist you break area on the horizontal levels and keep them in gabion retaining walls, thus creating a vertical layout of the site, the so-called terracing. The construction of retaining walls not only gives the site a complete architecture, stylish appearance, but is rather a kind of decorative element.

The most interesting and contemporary material, used by us for the erection of gabion retaining walls, gabion mesh are designs that are woven from galvanized wire baskets filled with natural or artificial stone. Look very impressive retaining walls of natural stone next to coniferous shrubs.

As for water, gabions excellent pass it, maintaining natural drainage. Rainwater and melt water pass freely through the gabion wall and go into the drain, thus retaining walls retain their excellent appearance and are much longer.

As for frost, problems also arise, because gabions, due to flexibility of design, not subject to damage, which is a cycle of freezing and thawing, they can not form cracks in the cement and concrete, leading to the destruction of the structure and the strength of the wire the natural level of negative temperature is not affected. Installation of gabion retaining walls slope or slope will be the decade, and do not require constant maintenance in the future. Blocks of the retaining wall can be framed flower beds, they can land a plant or place pots with beautiful flowers.

Raising the retaining walls of gabion structures, the following tasks:

  • Drainage, due to the porosity, the design is passed through a water.
  • Static pressure is maintained at the expense of flexibility of the entire structure.
  • Applicable in hard-to large-scale construction equipment, field.
  • To save floor space.

Gabion Retaining walls are prefabricated structures that can speed up the work.
The most common device for retaining walls use a variety of species of natural stone or other materials, depending on the technology. As a natural stone can be used: limestones, sandstones from different deposits, granite blocks, paving stone.
To date, there are various construction technology of retaining walls as well, most commonly for the construction of retaining walls are used gabion structure for shoreline protection. Also received widespread technologies such as system mattremesh and green mattremesh system.

Stages of the retaining walls calculation

Study (analysis) of the territory - it is necessary to take into account all the parameters in the design of the territory of the design of retaining walls, including soil quality, presence and depth of groundwater, the type of load, which will be subject to the wall.

Identification and analysis of design destination - depending on the functions assigned to the supporting wall, the technical characteristics of the object will be different.

The choice of building materials - is based on the characteristics of future walls, destination, the customer's wishes. Can be used brick, stone, concrete, metal or wood. We recommend that as an option, gabion structures filled with stone - the most durable, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly method of construction of retaining walls for different purposes.

Thorough calculation of parameters of structure - calculated width length, the height of buildings, taking into account the technical characteristics and limitations for building materials. For example, the retaining walls of stone, laid dry, may be no more than 4 m, whereas similar structures, sealed with mortar, erected to a height of 6 m. For the gabion structures the maximum allowable height even more.

Determination of the form (shape) of retaining wall - select an optimal design that best fulfill its function, in some cases, take into account not only functionality, but aesthetics.

Only by adhering to and clear of all phases of study allows us to calculate and design a reliable, durable construction, capable of performing the functions assigned to them during the entire lifetime.

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