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Hexagonal Wire Mesh Roll - High Strength and Multi-Function

Hexagonal wire mesh can not only be made into cages for slope, bridge and coastal protections, it can also be made into rolls. The hexagonal wire mesh rolls have lot of applications in municipal construction and slope protection.

Road mesh

A machine is stretching the road mesh on the road.
HWMR-01: Hexagonal wire mesh rolls are used as road mesh.

Compared with common hexagonal wire mesh, the road mesh is added a series of reinforced bars on the strand position. The reinforced bars and hexagonal meshes form a three dimensional structure, which supplies high loading capacity and stability for the hexagonal wire mesh rolls. Road mesh is an important component in city road, highway and other road construction projects. It can supply solutions to cracking, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting.

Specifications of road mesh

  • Material: steel wire, galvanized wire or PVC coated wire.
  • Wire diameter: 2.0 mm - 4.0 mm.
  • Mesh size: 60 × 80 mm, 80 mm × 100 mm, 80 mm × 120 mm, 100 mm × 120 mm, 100 mm × 150 mm, 120 mm × 150 mm.
  • Reinforced rod diameter: 4.0 mm - 5.0 mm.
  • Roll width: 3 m or 4 m.
  • Roll length: commonly is 50 m.
  • Load capacity: 350 - 500 N/mm2.
  • Elongation: no less than 12%.

Rockfall barrier system

Hexagonal wire mesh is used with steel ring net and lots of snows on the net.
HWMR-02: Hexagonal wire mesh rolls are used as rockfall barriers.

Hexagonal wire mesh roll is the simplest type among all the rockfall barrier system. Just deploy hexagonal wire mesh roll from top of the mountain to bottom and secured by the anchor plate and anchors. The neighbor netting is connected by the sewing ropes. The hexagonal wire mesh roll can prevent stones and soil from falling down to the ground and protect personal and property safety. It can reduce the harm caused by the landslide, snow avalanche and other natural hazards.

Specifications of rockfall barrier system

  • Material: galvanized wire or Galfan wire.
  • Wire diameter: 2.7 mm / 3.0 mm.
  • Mesh size: 6 cm × 8 cm, 8 cm × 10 cm.
  • Zinc coating weight: ≥ 260 g/m2.
  • Roll width: 0.8 m, 1.0 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, etc.
  • Roll length: 50 m or 100 m.

Garden fence

The hexagonal wire mesh rolls are installed surrounding the vegetables in the garden.
HWMR-03: Hexagonal wire mesh rolls are used as garden fence.

Hexagonal wire mesh can be used as garden fence. It can not only as the boundary fence to separate the animals and intruders out of the garden and protect the fruit, flowers, plants and precious goods. It can also cover the seedling bed and protect the seedlings from birds and pets. This type of hexagonal wire mesh has smaller mesh sizes and thinner wire diameter for easy cutting and shaping. The corrosive resistant material make the garden fence durable and long service life.

Specifications of garden fence

  • Material: galvanized or PVC coated steel wire.
  • Structure: normal twist and reverse twist.
  • Twist: double twist and triple twist.
  • Wire diameter: 19 gauge to 22 gauge.
  • Mesh size: 1/2", 1", 1-1/4", 2", etc.
  • Roll width: 2', 4' or other sizes.
  • Roll length: 25' or 50'.

Chicken wire

The hexagonal wire mesh rolls are separating a chicken and a dog.
HWMR-04: Hexagonal wire mesh rolls are used as chicken wire.

Chicken wire, also called poultry netting, as its name says, it is a type of wire mesh used for chickens, ducks and other poultry. It is widely used in farms, home and backyard for rearing poultry. It can be used for dividing an area for poultry playing, it can also be attached on to the frames to form a cage for poultry resting. The chicken wire can not only keep the poultry in the area, but keep the snake, squirrel and other predators out of the area.

Specifications of chicken wire

  • Material: hot dipped galvanized wire or PVC coated wire.
  • Structure: triple twisted hexagonal opening.
  • Wire diameter: 19 gauge to 22 gauge.
  • Mesh size: 1/2", 1", 1-1/4", 2", etc.
  • Roll width: 2', 4' or other sizes.
  • Roll length: 25' or 50'.

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