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PVC Coated Gabion - Solid Structure and Colorful Surface

As we all know, the galvanized steel wire and zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire can be material of both woven gabions and welded gabions. But the PVC coated steel wire is suitable for woven gabions only. When welding, the PVC coating of steel wire will be melt and falling off on the joint of wires. It is much easier corrosion and rust, so the PVC coated wires are not suitable for the welded gabions. Welded gabions can be used the steel wires or galvanized wires for fabrication and then be treated with PVC coating. In this way, the welded gabions can be also colorful and much more suitable for the decorative applications.

Colorful PVC coated gabions

Compared with other materials of gabions, the features of PVC coated gabion is colorful and ecological. The PVC coated gabion can be made into green, gray and other colors for common applications, it can also be made into orange, black and other various colors for decorative applications.

A piece of green color PVC coated gabions on the ground.
PCG-01: Green color PVC coated gabion.
A piece of gray color PVC coated gabions on the ground.
PCG-02: Gray color PVC coated gabion.

Solid PVC coated gabions

PVC coated gabion has a rigid and solid structure, which can be double twisted and triple twisted. Double twisted structure is most widely used structure, which is solid enough for common protective applications. In some harsh conditions projects, such as flood control, coastal protection, channeling lining and other projects, the double twisted structure can not satisfy the strength requirements, so you can choose the triple twisted PVC coated gabion. Triple twisted structure makes the gabion a higher strength and stability structure. The high strength can resist the high impact from flood, sea water and other external forces.

A piece of double twisted PVC coated gabion on the gray background.
PCG-03: Double twisted PVC coated gabion.
A piece of triple twisted PVC coated gabion on the gray background.
PCG-04: Triple twisted PVC coated gabion.

Customized PVC coated gabion

  • If you want use the PVC coated gabion in retaining wall, channel linings and slope protection applications, you may need the higher gabions, you can choose the PVC coated gabion box, which has maximum 1.5 meter height. If you need higher, just pile the 1 meter height gabions up for protection.
  • If you need more flexible PVC coated gabions to be used in coastal protection, river bank protection and other project, which need the lower gabions, you can choose the PVC coated gabion mattress. The maximum height of gabion mattress is 0.5 meter and minimum height can be 0.17 m. It is more flexible and easy to operating during using.
A green color PVC coated gabion box on the ground.
PCG-05: PVC coated gabion box.
A green color PVC coated gabion mattress on the ground.
PCG-06: PVC coated gabion mattress.

Specifications of PVC coated gabion

  • Material: low carbon steel wire PVC coating or galvanized wire PVC coating.
  • Mesh wire diameter: 2.0 mm/3.0 mm - 3.0 mm/4.0 mm.
  • Selvedge wire diameter: 3.4 mm/4.4 mm.
  • Lacing wire diameter: 2.2 mm/3.2 mm.
  • Mesh size:
    • Woven type: 60 mm × 80 mm, 80 mm × 100 mm, 100 mm × 12 mm and so on.
    • Welded type: 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", 1", 2", 3", etc.
Specifications of PVC coated gabions
Item Length
Number of cells
PGS-01 2 1 0.17 m
0.23 m
0.3 m
0.5 m
1 m
1.5 m
PGS-02 3 1 3
PGS-03 3 2 6
PGS-04 4 1 4
PGS-05 4 2 8
PGS-06 5 1 5
PGS-07 5 2 10
PGS-08 6 1 6
PGS-09 6 2 12

Applications of PVC coated gabion

PVC coated gabion is widely used for protective and decorative applications, here are the typical applications, just refer to them and see if it is suitable for you. If there is no you prefer projects, just contact us and we will give you the professional answer and solutions.

  • Retaining wall.
  • Channel lining.
  • Revetment.
  • Slope protection.
  • River bank protection.
  • Flood control.
  • Landscape construction.
  • Planter.
Several PVC coated gabion are piled up to form a retaining wall.
PCG-07: PVC coated gabion is used as retaining wall.
PVC coated gabions are installed on the slope.
PCG-08: PVC coated gabion is used for slope protection.
PVC coated gabions are installed on the coastal.
PCG-09: PVC coated gabion is used for coastal protection.
Three layers of PVC coated gabions are installed in the riverway.
PCG-10: PVC coated gabion is used for riverway control.

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