All Types of Woven or Welded Gabions

Woven Gabions

Woven gabion with corrosive resistant materials and twisted structure to supply you high tensile strength and wide range of application.

Welded Gabion

Welded gabion with corrosive resistant materials are connected by spiral wires, C rings and U clip for landscape construction and slope protection.

Galvanized Gabion

Galvanized gabion with different zinc coating weight to suit customer with different budget and performance requirement in flood controlling and retaining wall.

PVC Coated Gabion

PVC coated gabion with solid and rigid structure and colorful surface is widely used in municipal and civil constructions for protection and decoration.

Galfan Gabion

Galfan gabion, with 5% aluminum element added can supply better corrosion and rust resistance performance for retaining wall, channel lining and revetment.

10% Aluminum-Zinc Gabion

10% aluminum-zinc gabion has outstanding adhesion, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance performance to supply triple life for the gabions.

Gabion Box

Gabion box, with high tensile strength and solid structure is widely used in the retaining wall applications to defend the high impact from external force.

Reno Mattress

Reno mattress with smaller height and flexible structure is widely used in slope protection, channel lining, revetment and various decorative applications.

Bastion Barrier

Bastion barrier, standard or recoverable types is robust, effective and efficient to be used in military defense and flood or storm control.

Sack Gabion

Sack gabion, a corrosive and rust resistant cylindrical structure is economical and flexible to be used for flood controlling and other emergent applications.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Roll

Hexagonal wire mesh rolls with corrosive resistant materials and high tensile strength is widely used in domestic, civil and municipal applications.

Chicken Wire

Chicken wire with thicker wire and small opening can be used for protecting poultry, rabbits, and small animals from squirrel, rats, snake and other predators.

Garden Fence

Garden fence with corrosive resistance material and twisted structure is used in gardens as boundary fence and protective cages for fruit, vegetable and flower.

Rockfall Barrier System

Hexagonal wire mesh with simplest structure and easy to installation features is widely used in the mountains and slopes to protect mountain and people' safe.

Road Mesh

Road mesh, made of galvanized or PVC coated materials is widely used in the city road or highway to increase load capacity and prevent cracking and fatigue.

Stucco Netting

Stucco netting, a reverse twisted structure hexagonal holes wire mesh, is widely used in wall constructions for plastering, stuccoing and cementing.