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Gabion Box - ideal for Channel Lining and Coastal Protection

Different types of gabion box

  • According to different material
    The gabion box can be divided into galvanized gabion box, PVC coated gabion box, Galfan gabions and 10% aluminum-zinc gabions. They all have excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance, but they are different in the chemical content and performance.
    • Galvanized gabion. The electric galvanized gabion has no higher than 90 g/m2 zinc coating, which is economical. And the hot dipped galvanized gabion have more than 200 g/m2 zinc coating to be used in the high corrosive applications.
    • PVC coated gabion. Steel wires or galvanized wire are coated with PVC, which supplies double protection for the gabions in the corrosive environments. The PVC coated gabion can be made into different colors to suit surrounding environments.
    • Aluminum-zinc gabions. The galvanized wires are added into different content of aluminum to form Galfan gabion and 10% aluminum-zinc gabion. They have triple service life than the galvanized gabions.
    A Galan welded gabion box on the ground.
    GB-01: Galfan gabion box.
    A PVC coating welded gabion box on the ground.
    GB-02: PVC coating gabion box.
  • According to the mesh structure
    In different applications, the requirements to the tensile strength and stability is different. To suit more applications, the gabion box are made into double twisted structure and triple twisted structure.
    • Double twisted structure. it is the common seen and widely used type gabion box. It has three strand and solid enough to be used in the common applications. It is lighter than the triple twisted gabion box in weight and easier to transport and operate.
    • Tripe twisted structure. The triple twisted structure is a heavy duty type gabion box. It has five strands which can supply higher tensile strength and stability for the gabion box. The triple twisted gabion box is widely used in the high impact applications, such as flood controlling, coastal controlling, it can defend the impact from external force effectively.
    A piece of galvanized gabion box on the ground with double twisted structure.
    GB-03: Double twisted gabion box.
    A piece of galvanized gabion box on the ground with triple twisted structure.
    GB-04: Triple twisted gabion box.
  • According to different fabrication technology
    The gabion box can be made through different technology, it can be woven or welded into different mesh types and to be used in different applications.
    • Woven type gabion box. The steel wires are woven into hexagonal mesh types in three strands and five strands. There is no any welding point and will not loose when it is cut into pieces. The woven type gabion box is widely used in the protective applications and is flexible than the welded gabion box.
    • Welded gabion box. The steel wires are welded together to form square mesh types with a rigid and solid structure. Welded gabion is commonly used in both protective and decorative applications, such as bastion barrier for military defense and flood control, landscape construction.
    A PVC coating welded gabion box on the ground.
    GB-05: Welded type gabion box.
    A line of woven type gabion box with stones in the yard.
    GB-06: Woven type gabion box.

Specifications of woven gabions

  • Material: galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, Galfan wire, 10% aluminum - zinc alloy wire.
  • Wire diameter:
    • Mesh wire diameter: 2.0 mm - 4.0 mm.
    • Selvedge wire diameter: 3.0 mm - 4.4 mm.
    • Lacing wire: 2.2 mm.
  • Mesh size:
    • Woven type: 6 cm × 8 cm, 8 cm × 10 cm, 10 cm × 12 cm, etc.
    • Welded type: 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", 1", 2", 3", etc.
  • Length: maximum 6 m.
  • Width: maximum 3 m.
  • Height: 1 m, 1.5 m, etc.
Table 1: specifications of gabion box
Item Length
Number of cells
PGS-01 2 1 1 m
1.5 m
PGS-02 3 1 3
PGS-03 3 2 6
PGS-04 4 1 4
PGS-05 4 2 8
PGS-06 5 1 5
PGS-07 5 2 10
PGS-08 6 1 6
PGS-09 6 2 12

Features of gabion box

  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Acid and alkali resistance.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Economical.
  • Ecological.
  • Easy to install and assemble.

Applications of gabion box

  • Retaining wall.
  • Coastal protection.
  • Bridge protection.
  • Channel lining.
  • Riverway controlling.
  • Riverbank protection.
  • Slope protection.
  • Gabion planter.
  • Bastion barrier.
  • Landscape construction.
PVC coated gabion box are installed on the riverbank.
GB-07: Gabion box for riverbank protection.
Three layers of gabion boxes are installed on the ground.
GB-08: Gabion box is used as retaining wall.
Several gabion boxes are installed in the channel.
GB-09: Gabion box is used as channel lining.
Several PVC coated gabion boxes are installed on the coastal.
GB-10: Gabion box is used for coastal protection.

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