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Garden Fence - Boundary Fence or Fence Cages

Maybe there are flowers, vegetables and other plants in your gardens, and you like them very much, you spend much time to take care of them carefully, but all maybe destroyed by the squirrels, rats, snakes and other animals.

The garden fence is a type of galvanized or PVC coated iron wire fence. It has excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance. It can keep good shape and will not rust or decay after several years. The garden fence adopts high quality steel wires and the wires is solid enough to resist the biting from rats and other rodents.

Garden fence is commonly has reverse twist structure or triple twist structure, which have higher strength and durable features. The double twist structure is the simplest structure for economical choice.

A piece of galvanized garden fence on the ground.
GF-01: Galvanized garden fence
A piece of PVC coated garden fence on the ground.
GF-02: PVC coated garden fence.

Specifications of garden fence

  • Material: galvanized or PVC coated steel wire.
  • Structure: normal twist and reverse twist.
  • Twist: double twist and triple twist.
  • Wire diameter: 19 gauge to 22 gauge.
  • Mesh size: 1/2", 1", 1-1/4", 2", etc.
  • Roll width: 2', 4' or other sizes.
  • Roll length: 25' or 50'.
A drawing of triple twist garden fence.
GF-03: Triple twist garden fence.
A drawing of reverse twist garden fence.
GF-04: Reverse twist garden fence.

Features of garden fence

  • Good air circulation. The opening of the garden fence ensure the good air circulation and sunshine for plant growing.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance. Galvanized or PVC coated surface treatment can prevent corrosion and rust during using.
  • Protect vegetables from predator. The garden fence can keep predators out and have a good harvest.
  • Small opening to prevent birds. The small openings can prevent birds from destroying the seedlings.
  • High strength and durable. Compared with plastic garden fence, the hexagonal garden fence has higher tensile strength and more durable.
  • Easy to install and uninstall. The garden fence is easy to install, it needs less efforts to install the garden fence.
  • Ensure normal growth. The openings of garden fence will not limit the plant growth. And it can also raise and support plant growing.
Apiece of PVC coated garden fence and the finger is trying to passing through the hole.
GF-05: Garden fence has a small opening to keep small predators out.
The garden fence netting is covering the seedling bed.
GF-06: Garden fence can ensure enough air and sunshine for plant growth.

Applications of garden fence

The garden fence is commonly used as the boundary fence of the garden, to prevent animals and predators enter the garden. It can also be made into cages to protect growing seedlings and saplings.

Garden fence can protect the vegetables, seedling, plants, flowers and other valuable things in your gardens from animals.

The garden fence can prevent predators from gardens

  • Squirrels.
  • Rats.
  • Snakes.
  • Gopher.
  • Rodents.
  • Cats.
  • Dog.
  • Deer.
The garden fence is used as boundary fence of the garden.
GF-07: Garden fence for boundary protection.
The garden fence is installed surrounding the seedling bed.
GF-08: Garden fence for protecting seedling bed.
The garden fence is covering the cabbage.
GF-09: Garden fence for prevent bird from eating cabbage.
Garden fence is installed on the ground and several chickens in and a dog out.
GF-10: Garden fence for protecting chickens from dog.

Answers for customers doubt

  • If the garden fence can keep the snakes out of the vegetable garden?
    Common opening of chicken wire is 1", which can not block the snakes out. You can add the hardware cloth with 1/4" or 1/2' openings to the bottom of the garden fence. Besides, just bury the garden fence under the ground about 12" to prevent snake from digging through the garden.
  • If it is suitable for the seedling bed?
    The chicken wire garden fence is ideal for seedling bed and mulch pit to prevent dogs and other animals out of the plants and seedling.

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