Gabions for Slope Protection, Erosion Control and Landscape Construction

Hebei Lvhua Gabion Wall Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years experience in producing, selling and researching gabion and related products. They are made of various materials, such as galvanized, PVC coated or zinc-aluminum alloys with different fabrication technologies, including woven gabion and welded gabion. The woven gabion is mainly used for protective applications, such as rockfall barrier, slope protection, retaining wall and flood controlling. The welded gabion can not only be used in protective applications, but also the decorative applications, bastion barrier, slope protection, gabion planter, landscape constructions are included.

Several gabion box are piled up to form a retaining wall.

Gabion box

Gabion box is widely used as retaining wall, channel lining and slope protection applications.
Several layers of galfan gabion are piled up.

Galfan gabion

5% aluminum and 95% zinc alloy gabion can supply triple life than pure galvanized gabion to be used in high corrosive environments.
Hexagonal wire mesh rolls are covering the mountain.

Rockfall barrier system

Hexagonal wire mesh rolls is widely used in slope or mountains for prevent soil or stones from falling down.
A machine is filling the bastion barrier with sands.

Bastion barrier

Bastion barrier is solid and high strength to be used in the military defense and flood controlling applications.
A welded gabion passageway on the street.

Welded gabion

Welded gabion is widely used as decorative meshes, such as gabion planter, fireplace or landscape construction.
Reno mattress are placing under the bridge.

Reno mattress

Reno mattress is flexible to be used for bridge protection, riverway controlling and coastal protection.

Six guarantees for your rest assured purchase

Raw material guarantee

  • Central buying from large factories.
  • Completely packed and properly kept.
  • Test before production.

Efficient production guarantee

  • Advanced equipment for accurate production.
  • Skilled workers are trained before induction.
  • Production accord with International standards.

Quality control guarantee

  • ISO certification.
  • TUV certification.
  • ASTM, BS standards.

Perfect package guarantee

  • Bundle package for saving space.
  • Plastic film package for waterproof.
  • Pallet package for anti-cracking.

Strict test guarantee

  • Professional test equipment for accuracy.
  • Strict testers for preciseness result.
  • Third-party institution for supervision.

After-sale guarantee

  • Technology department for installation problems.
  • Sales department for quality problems.
Hot Products

Woven Gabions

Woven gabion with corrosive resistant materials and twisted structure to supply you high tensile strength and wide range of application.

Welded Gabion

Welded gabion with corrosive resistant materials are connected by spiral wires, C rings and U clip for landscape construction and slope protection.

Galvanized Gabion

Galvanized gabion with different zinc coating weight to suit customer with different budget and performance requirement in flood controlling and retaining wall.

PVC Coated Gabion

PVC coated gabion with solid and rigid structure and colorful surface is widely used in municipal and civil constructions for protection and decoration.


Erection of Gabion Retaining Walls

Erection of gabion retaining walls, gabion mesh are designs that are woven from galvanized wire baskets filled with natural or artificial stone.

Gabion box sizes

Gabion box mesh: standard type gabion are made from flexible hot dip galvanized wire mesh of the type and size as specified below and detailed in the enclosed sizes.