Installation tips of gabion box

After browsing the gabion box types, you find the suitable products suitable for your projects. When the gabion box arrived and were transported to your construction sites. You may puzzle how to assemble them and where they should be placed.

The following topic will introduce you how to assemble and install the gabion box and several warming tips are supplied as well.

Same as the gabion mattress, the gabion box is folded into panels and packed in bundles for saving space and easy transporting. Use the forklift unload the gabion box on the construction site and prepare for installing the gabion box.

  • Open the bundles and unfold the gabion box on the hard and flat surface.
  • Lift the side panels, end panels and the diaphragms of gabion box into vertical position.
  • Attach the side panel and the diaphragms together firmly with the lacing wire.
  • Attach the lids onto the cages.
  • Filling the gabion box with stones, soils and other filling materials.
  • Cover the lids of gabion box and fasten the lid to the gabion box subject firmly and securely by lacing wire.
Several bundles of gabion boxes on the construction site.
GBI-01: Gabion box in the construction site.
Several gabion boxes are raised and up on the ground.
GBI-02: Lift the gabion box up into vertical position.
A worker is fastening the diaphragms onto the side panel.
GBI-03: Fasten the diaphragms and side panels with lacing wire.
Several workers are filling the gabion box with stones.
GBI-04: Fill the gabion boxes with stones.
Three workers are fastening the lids onto the gabion box subject.
GBI-05: Fasten the gabion box lids firmly and securely.
Four layers of gabion boxes on the ground.
GBI-06: Final project of the gabion box.


If the gabion box is small, the lid is fastened to the gabion box subject when you received the products. Then just raise them, fix them, filling stone and fasten the lid.

when the gabion box is large, which the length is longer than 3 meter, the lids is packed individually.

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