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Installation Tips of Gabion Mattress

Two machines are working in the construction site and several gabion mattress on the ground.
GMI-01: Gabion mattress can protect the river bank and slopes from erosion.

When you purchase the gabion mattress and transport them to your construction sites, you may puzzle how to assemble them and place them into suitable places. Here are the installation tips and warming tips of placing gabion mattress. Just browse them and start your projects.

As we all know, the gabion mattress is composed of gabion mattress, lid and lacing wire. For easy transporting and save space, the gabion mattress and lids are folded in bundles separately and the lacing wires are packed in rolls. Equipped all the materials and the installation start.

  1. Unfold the gabion mattress on flat, hard ground.
  2. Lift the two long sides and two ends of the gabion mattress.
  3. Lift upright the cells in the gabion mattress and secure them in position.
  4. Attach all the internal diaphragms to the sides and fasten them with lacing wire.
  5. Place the gabion mattress in suitable positions and waiting for filling with stones.
  6. Filling the stones into the cells until all the cells are enough.
  7. Cover the lids and ensure the lids are tied and fastened to the gabion mattress firmly and securely.
Several bundles of gabion mattress on the ground.
GMI-02: Gabion mattress bundles in the construction site.
Several cells of gabion mattress are placed on the slope.
GMI-03: Lift and upright all the sides and internal diaphragms.
Five workers are fastening the gabion mattress using lacing wire.
GMI-04: Fasten the diaphragms to the side panels with lacing wire.
Two machine is filling the gabion mattress with stones.
GMI-05: Fill the gabion mattress with stones.
A worker is fastening the lids to the side panels of the gabion mattress.
GMI-06: Cover lids and fasten them firmly and securely.
The banks of the riverway are covered by the gabion mattresses.
GMI-07: Completed projects of gabion mattresses on the riverway.

Warming tip

If you use the gabion mattress in slopes, you should fill the stones into the cells from bottom to ensure the stability of the construction.

Mattress placement in different applications

You should place the gabion mattress in proper position for stability and prevent movement of the gabion mattress. In different applications, the position of the gabion mattress is different.

If you place the gabion mattress on slopes, the internal diaphragms of gabion mattresses should be places at right angles to the direction of the slope.

If you apply the gabion mattress in river bank applications. You should ensure the internal diaphragms of gabion mattresses are placed at the right angle to the direction flow.

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