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Double Twisted Hexagonal Woven PVC Reno Mattresses

Reno mattresses mesh 60 × 80 mm, double twist

  • Selvedge wire: 2.7 mm, after PVC coated 3.7 mm.
  • Woven wire: 2.0 mm, after PVC coated 3.0 mm.
  • Wire: low carbon wire, hot dipped galvanized.
  • Zinc mass: > 215 g/m2.
  • Tensile strength: > 370 N/mm.
  • Mattresses size:
    • W × L × H: 4.5 m × 2 m × 0.23 m, Diaphragm No. 2.
    • W × L × H: 3 m × 2 m × 0.23 m, Diaphragm No. 2.
    • W × L × H: 2 m × 1.5 m × 0.23 m, Diaphragm No. 1.
    • W × L × H: 6 m × 2 m × 0.23 m, Diaphragm No. 2.

Beside, our reno mattress is available in Galfan wire, and PVC coatings are also available for anti-corrosion. See spec below:

  1. Either welded or woven mesh gabions may be used.
  2. Deformable wire mesh gabions shall be manufactured from triple twisted (also known as double twisted) hexagonal woven galvanized wire.
  3. Rigid weld mesh gabions shall be welded at every intersection and galvanised after mesh manufacture.
  4. Wire to comply with BS 1052. Minimum wire diameter 2.7 mm. Minimum mesh spacing 60 mm, maximum mesh spacing 100 mm.
  5. Galvanizing of rigid weld mesh gabions to comply with BS729: Minimum coating weight of 610 g/sq.m for wires of 5.0 mm diameter and over and 460 g/sq.m for wires under 5.0 mm. Galvanizing of deformable wire mesh gabions to comply with BS443.
  6. PVC coating shall be black, green or grey with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm (or 0.25 mm if chemically bonded to the wire). The coating shall be capable of resisting the effects of immersion in sea water and exposure to ultra-violet light for a period of not less than 3000 hours in accordance with ASTM Test G23.89 or equivalent.
  7. Lacing wire and helicals shall be produced from wire of a least 2.5 mm diameter and zinc coated to BS443.
  8. Split rings shall be produced from steel spring wire to BS5216 and zinc coated to BS443.
  9. Fill material shall be durable rock of minimum density 2400 kg/cu.m. The grading of the material shall be such that the minimum particle size shall exceed the maximum size of the gabion mesh opening, and a maximum particle size of 200 mm.
  10. Confirmation of BBA certification shall be provided by the Contractor for all proposed gabions and rockfill mattresses.
Double twisted hot dip galvanized and dark green PVC reno mattresses on the construction site, workers are installing the reno Mattresses.
Woven PVC reno mattress for river bank soil erosion protection.

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