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Gabion Bank Protection

Gabion Bank Protection

Bank protection - a set of activities aimed at strengthening and protecting the coastline and the natural and artificial reservoirs. Helps to prevent collapse, coastal erosion of the slope, and also protects from the effects of currents and waves, helping to avoid floods during heavy rains and protect the area from damage.

Bank protection can be carried out by several methods. The most practical is to strengthen through the supports. Design of retaining wall requires professional skills. Particular attention should be paid to the installation of the foundation. This can be used well rammed gravel layer thickness of about 15 cm, or a mixture of concrete and stones. A retaining wall with a height of more than 1 meter will take a greater load on the part located behind her soil and water. Since the body of water near the soil sufficiently mobile, the retaining walls should be installed to a depth at a rate of 1.5 times greater than the width of the structure. Supports of this type - a reliable building material, however, to consolidate and give extra strength is often used gabions. They fill the openings between the support plates. This technology allows you to create a terrain slope of the pond, to arrange the landscape. Consolidation is also used in gabion unit areas and parking areas intended for small vessels. Thus, the protection not only from mechanical damage, but also provides water resistance. Gabion structures are made of galvanized mesh, are shaped box that is filled with natural stone. One of the main advantages of gabions - is the simplicity and ease of installation. In addition, external indicators they combine perfectly with the overall landscape. Over time, plants grow in the wall structure, thereby enhancing the design and decorating look. Gabions have the most long-lived and do not destroy the environment, being environmentally friendly material. The structure is flexible, allowing the slope to give the necessary form.

During the construction of embankments or piers is more commonly used concrete barriers, but they require regular maintenance as easily damaged by external factors, if the mesh structures to replace them, you can save quite a few time and money. Strengthening the gabion slope - an effective way to secure areas in the vicinity of the water area. Each project is aimed at strengthening the coastline requires careful study of the composition of the soil, the general condition of the coast. Consideration should be given all the details given on relief and personal preferences, based on the choice of design development.

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