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The Limitations of Gabion Walls - Waterproofing Gabion Structures

The design of gabion wall should be calculated on the perception of most soil pressure slope, taken from a comparison of the active earth pressure and the pressure of the backfill soil (landslide), internal normal and shear stresses on the efforts of compression and shear shall not exceed the allowable, as well as to inspect the external and internal stability of the walls.
Verification of external stability of the walls includes calculations:

  • To shift.
  • Rollover.
  • Loss of bearing capacity of foundation.

Check the internal stability of the walls includes calculations:

  • On the strength of the most dangerous sections.
  • The possibility of the relative shift of individual layers of gabions.
  • The design of gabion walls must adhere to the limitations:
    • Height of the walls should not exceed 7-8 m, at the height of buildings more than 7-8 m in the project must include the unit of intermediate berms.
    • Angle of the rear face of the wall from the vertical toward the backfill shall not exceed 6 °.
    • Value of the "overhang" of the upper over the lower gabion on the rear face of buildings shall not exceed - 0.15 m.
    • The value of mutual displacement of the connecting joints of the upper and lower row of gabions and the width of the wall must be at least 0.25 m.
    • The displacement of the upper gabion relatively low at an inclined front face of the structure determined by the project.
    • The displacement of the upper gabion relatively lower in the vertical front face of the building - not less than 0.05 m.

Waterproofing of gabion structures
Waterproofing in the following cases:

  • In the construction of sewage treatment plants gabion structures.
  • In the construction of gabion structures open irrigation facilities and water systems.
  • In the construction of gabion construction of artificial lakes.
  • By preventing release of groundwater to the front side of the gabion structure.

backfill excavations and cavities, formed after the construction of gabion structures, must be performed in compliance with the requirements of this standard:

  • With the support of sliding slopes and provided no water outlet on the front side structure, the back edge of gabion structures is necessary to use coarse-grained, permeable soils.
  • With a narrow front work, backfill behind the rear edge of gabion structures must be performed from non-cohesive soils permeable to ensure good drainage of water, fast strain and the lowest sediment, to prevent frost heave.
  • Covering the entire height of gabion structures is performed the same density.
  • When the filling of clay soils, taking steps to lower the level of drainage and groundwater, prevent frost heaving.

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