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Installation of Gabion Structures

Installation of gabion structures are in agreement with the developed project, unique for each individual area.

The first step is cleaning the site of vegetation, roots, rocks. On a carefully aligned and planned land laid out unfilled gabions. Generally, gabions delivered to the construction site in the folded form. With the help of a visual inspection be sure there are no twists and bumps, and then gives the product volume form.

Structures connected to each other by means of a special knitting wire harnesses. Often, this wire, for convenience, give the form a spiral, which is screwed into the cell gabion mesh. There is another kind of binding - binding simple. Its start from the top corners and make the scheme: mesh, 100 mm, double loop, 100 mm, another loop, and then double again.

The next stage - the alignment of the modular design and content of metal baskets with stones. Alignment is carried out in terms of installed on the front side removable wooden frame. To fix the aligned structures in the corners of each gabion hammered metal rod. As a filler can be Crushed stone, gravel or coarse fractions river pellets. Filling produced either manually or using construction equipment: excavators, loaders. Gabion fill height more than half in three steps. First stone loaded at third level, level filler and fix it by setting the horizontal membrane, after which the entire production cycle is repeated many times as necessary.

Quoting a number of gabion left unfilled for a bunch of it to the next party. The design is filled with stones at the 25-50 mm above the grid, with the use of stones smaller factions. This is done for the precipitation of filler.

After filling all the structures the content of their even and pull together and connect, forming a three-dimensional structure.

The next step - setting caps on regular places of gabions. First cover is fixed on all four corners, and then, after adjustment tied off completely. The whole structure again tied after installation and fitting lids.

When it was erected a series of gabion wall, begin assembling the next and so on, until all construction is fully built.

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