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The Use of Gabions

The use of gabions

For the first time as a reinforcing material of construction gabions have been used in France in the early 19th century. It is noteworthy that these early structures are functioning properly until today.

The unique properties of gabion structures can successfully use them to strengthen the banks of the natural and artificial reservoirs. Easy installation and great aesthetic appeal make gabions very popular means of landscaping.

In addition to reinforcing the basic functions that are installed on the banks of rivers and lakes, construction of gabions, help restore the natural biological balance in the surrounding areas. It is proved that in the field installation of gabions increases with time stock fish. After construction, the bulk of which is a natural stone, contribute to the development required for the fish waste. Moreover, over time, building, acquiring shrubs and grass, it becomes an integral part of the surrounding landscape.

With gabion designs successfully produce a gain ground, particularly slopes and slopes. It is here fully manifest advantages of gabions over other building materials, the same reinforced concrete, for example. Gabion not require the use of special equipment are available to purchase, transportation and installation.

It is also important that the design with the use of gabions are extremely plastic. If you change the ground level, they do not have additional loads, but only slightly change their size, adjusting to new conditions. And the main advantage - gabions naturally fit into the surrounding landscape and landscape views. After a few years (up to five years) they will be indistinguishable part of the slope of a hill or ravine, which is to strengthen and have been installed.

In the highlands gabion designs are widely used for the construction of retaining walls or protective devices that prevent rockfalls, avalanches and mudslides. Besides the already mentioned advantages of gabions, here plays a major role of permeability - drainage quality. Ability of water to naturally pass through gabions eliminates the possibility of hydrostatic loads and washing away buildings, as a natural balance of ground and surface waters is preserved in its entirety.

It should be noted that this is not a complete list of applications gabions. In particular, these structures help to protect the bridge piers and submarine water pipes.

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