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What Determines the Choice of Box Gabions?

Gabion box is the most common type of gabion structures. Of these, manufacture and installation of retaining walls for decorative terraces, and multimeter coverage for railway embankments. Such diversity is explained by the construction of gabion box type: metal mesh can be any size and length, it can go smoothly, but can be slightly bent, so it can help bring to life a variety of design ideas.

We has experience with the most common box-shaped gabion - conventional, cylindrical, gabion mattresses and Jumbo Reno. This subspecies of box gabions, which differ in shape and size, so are recommended for different purposes. So before you suggest specific materials for your project, must learn all its features.

What determines the choice of box gabions?

  1. project
    Box-shaped gabions of various types designed for different projects. If you need to fence in the shortest possible time long gabion embankment, you will approach gabions Jumbo - the design height of 0.5 meters to 6 meters in length. If the main thing - it's coverage area and a minimum of preparatory work, our experts offer you the Reno mattresses - low flat box-shaped gabions, who quickly hide under a space and did not take up too much space. If you want to install gabions with support, it is best to cope with this task sack gabions - stable and elegant at the same time. Finally, if your project is not small and not great, not a lot of time and not too little and do not know what to prioritize - we provide you the usual box-shaped gabions proper size: since this structure is not monolithic, it can be made by individual projects.
  2. Use of gabion
    Gabion - a wire mesh filled with stones. And if the stones have no questions, the metal makes you wonder whether gabions box-stand constant exposure to rain and snow, and whether you can use them as building the shore, that is actually kept in the water. We hasten to reassure you: survive. And you can. Just for that must be ordered gabions not just a metal mesh, and metal coated with a PVC coating. PVC does not allow water to get to the metal and keep gabion box-shaped - and therefore your object - safe and sound.

The advantages of box gabions

  • Reliability: properly selected and correctly installed, gabion structures will last over 100 years;
  • Easy Installation: box-gabions do not require long preliminary work to prepare the site - of course, again, if they are chosen correctly;
  • Flexibility: this design can be used in any projects;
  • Ecology: the metal does not pollute the environment, and the stone, which is located inside a metal grid, and does itself a natural material;
  • Permeability: box-shaped gabions - a great way to not only change the landscape, but also greener territory, because through them freely sprout plants.

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