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Transportation and Storage of Gabion

Gabion mesh products
Transportation, loading and securing of gabion mesh products are allowed in compressed packages on vehicles of all types in accordance with the rules of carriage of goods, operating on the kind of transport.
The unloading is not permitted to dump mesh gabion products.
Store gabion mesh products in stock building materials should be in the form of scans, folded and compressed into a package.
At the construction site, gabion mesh products should be stored in the form of stacked scans in the working (horizontal) position.
Stacks of gabion mesh products should begin to lay on the wooden pads on a dense leveled base, following measures to avoid potential damage to grid products.
The height of stacks of compacted sweep mesh gabion products should not exceed 2 m.

The stone material
The stone material is transported in vehicles in bulk, in accordance with the rules of carriage of goods, operating on the kind of transport.
Transportation and storage of stone material to produce separated into fractions.
When transporting, loading and unloading and storage, should be to ensure protection of stone material from contamination.

Safety of the construction work
For each employee organization builder must be prepared regulations on labor protection, taking into account the nuances of the excavation, construction, stone, transportation and handling for a particular facility.
For each employee must be given instruction on safety, issued under the painting instructions.

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