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Stone for Gabions

Stone for Gabions

Not every stone is suitable for gabions, and it is a fact. You may think it is enough to sketch in a metal grid of stones from the street and in front of you will be strong gabion construction, which will be an excellent reference for the wall of the pond on the site. And, indeed, than a stone so fundamentally different from another?

This sounds paradoxical, but ... everything. Stones for gabions should be chosen for a variety of settings, including not only more or less transparent size and shape, but the frost resistance, durability and even radioactivity. How do you know the degree of radioactivity of rocks that have picked up on the street? You and the strength can not be sure, because one thing - the stone for gabions, which will be constantly under pressure strata of soil and water, and another thing - a stone that lies quietly in peace themselves on the road.
Select stone for your project, depending on a variety of settings.

What determines the choice of stone for gabions?
As a rule, gabion stone is used the following types: granite, quartzite, sandstone, of intermediate species. Depending on your project, we pick the most appropriate type of stone and determine its characteristics.

  1. The shape of stone for gabions
    Typically, the stones for gabions are either rounded, sloping, or rectangular, although it would be logical to call them torn, because in form they may represent a variety of unusual shapes. Sometimes the project requires that the stones in the gabion were similar in shape, and strictly rounded or rectangular, but sometimes it does not matter, and then gabions filled with a variety of stones.
  2. The size of stone for gabions
    The size of the stones for gabions are from 70 to 400 millimeters. Again, depending on the project, gabions filled with stones can be the same or different sizes. The main thing - that in this case between the stones need interval remained: do not hammer a metal grid to fill out and "air" the earth or sand. Over time, groundwater itself will bring in the necessary number of gabion soil, and seeds and plant roots, which means that the design naturally.
    Still, do not forget that the metal gabion mesh case with cells of various sizes, and stone for gabions should be more so it does not seep out through the cell, like water through a sieve.
  3. Characteristics of stone for gabions
    The main characteristics of the stones for gabions are: strength, frost-resistance.
    Strength is determined by the parameter M, and can not be less than M1000, frost - the parameter F, which does not fall below F150.

If you are using a gabion granite, add here another characteristic - the degree of radioactivity. The fact that granite - is frozen magma, and magma is present a number of isotopes that trigger radiation. You have to buy the stone for gabions only from reliable companies.

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