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Terms and Definitions of Gabions and Gabion Structures Use

  1. Gabion structures: three-dimensional mesh structure of various forms of netting wire twisted with hexagonal cells, filled with stone used to protect soil from erosion.
  2. Gabion box: net containers of metal mesh in the shape of the double torsion box, filled with stone materials, designed to create strong, flexible and permeable massive retaining structures .
  3. Gabion box-shaped with a reinforcing panel: net containers of metal mesh double torsion, in the form of a parallelepiped with reinforcing bottom panel, filled with stone material and is intended for mounting slopes, embankments and slopes of unstable ground arrays, instead of retaining walls .
  4. Gabion mattress: net containers of metal mesh double torsion, with a relatively low height in relation to other dimensions, filled with stone materials, designed to create linings of channels and dams, landscaping mounting slopes and bases of hydraulic structures .
  5. Gabion mesh products: three-dimensional products of various forms of wire twisted hexagonal mesh grids.
  6. Gabion sack: net-shaped container made of metal mesh cylinder double twisting, filled with stone materials used to create the foundations of retaining walls, to protect the base from washing away the HTS .
  7. Stone materials: an extensive group of natural or synthetic building materials and products structure with high construction qualities (durability, strength, hardiness).
  8. Wire mesh double twist (double torsion): unbreakable mesh made of wire pairs with periodic double twist, double twist that bind to adjacent pairs of similar wire to form each hexagonal cells.

Gabion structures use: intended to protect underground facilities, the natural terrain and adjacent areas of hazardous geological processes and hydrometeorological phenomena (erosion, sloughing, flooding), are supportive, capture, strengthen and protect soils and geotechnical hydraulic devices and structures. Gabion construction of such a mission should be considered and classified as one of the major elements of soil structure.

Gabion structures lifetime averages:

  • For gabion structures of zinc-coated wire - 35 years;
  • For gabion structures made of wire coated with galfan - 75 years;
  • For gabion structures made of wire with a metal anti-corrosion coating with an additional polymer coating - not less than 75 years.

The diameter of the wire edge binding and tie, depending on the diameter of the wire mesh gabion mesh products must meet the requirements which are shown in the following Table.

Wire diameter (mm)
mesh edge trim and ties
2.2 2.7
2.4 3.0 2.2
2.7 3.4
3.0 3.9

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