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Gabion Structures - Box-shaped Gabions, Reno Mattresses, Sack Gabions

The use of gabions includes a variety of areas from road construction to landscaping areas from private shore protection to the construction of an artificial pond embankments kilometer. It is logical to assume that in each case will be used gabion design a specific type. Somewhere critical height of retaining wall, somewhere - the area of coverage. Depending on that will change not just the size of the gabion structures, and its type.

Wire of gabion:

  1. Tensile strength at break: wire to produce a grid with change for binding gabion among themselves, have a temporary tensile strength of 35-50 kg/mm2.
  2. Elongation: before the production of the grid must be satisfied the test on a sample of the wire length of 25 cm mini - anomalous elongation - 10%.
  3. The strength of the zinc coating: coating must be durable and withstand at least 5 turns on when coiling cylindrical rod with a diameter equal to 3 m diameter wire, and it should not crack and break up a degree that can be removed with the fingers.

Types of gabion structures

  • Box-shaped gabions
    Gabion box-shaped structure is the most popular type of gabions of universal application. This means that if you wish, you can leave all attempts to optimize the design and just use the box-shaped gabions most appropriate size. They have a classic structure - rectangular wire mesh filled with stones, and can be used for the construction of retaining walls, building mounds and banks, or for landscaping.
  • Gabions box-large (Jumbo gabions)
    When it comes to fast large-area coverage, we recommend the use of gabions Jumbo - increased gabion structures, which can reach a length to 6 meters. This allows you to save time, for example, when installing a retaining wall or terrace, where the decisive importance is the length of the object. such gabion structures could save you money, at least in the installation.
  • Reno mattresses
    Reno Mattresses - another type of box gabion structures, which differs from other gabions in long and height. The principle of the device of this type of gabions is that it often has a height of only a few centimeters and are used where you want to quickly cover a large area and do not lift it, but just to be strengthened.

In particular, gabion construction of this type are often used for shore protection, since their installation without the need for take off the top layer of the earth.

Sack gabions
Gabion structures in the form are recommended for the erection of towers. Of course, the usual box-shaped gabions are also suitable for this, but you can not lose sight of the design idea for your project: perhaps it is based on rounded objects and the absence of any kind whatsoever angles.

Green mattremesh systems
When it comes to enhancing the mobile soil is recommended to use gabion construction, better known as mattremesh system. This is the same gabion, which is attached to the reinforcing bar. She literally implanted into the ground and stops its movement, and gabion is in sight and eventually disappears under a layer of plants.

System called green mattremesh characterized by the presence of yet another inner layer - biodegradable fabric. This gabion construction, in fact, an excellent nutrient for plant breeding, so if you want to restore the green cover of the area as quickly as possible, the best way to find it.

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