Technology Support Center of Gabions

Galvanized Wire Box Gabions Required Specifications

Galvanized wire box gabions with double twist hexagonal woven mesh 8 × 10cm, 2.7mm mesh wire, 2.2mm lacing wire, selvedge wire 3.4mm, Zn95Al5 Class A.

PVC Coated Gabion Boxes and Geotextile Filter Requirement

PVC coated gabion boxes with triple twisted hexagonal mesh 80 × l00mm, wire 3.4mm , selvedge wire 3.0mm, lacing wire 3.4mm, diaphragms 1m spacing.

Gabions, Reno mattresses for Bulk Storm Water Drainage Infrastructure

Construction materials of bulk storm water drainage infrastructure, cover hexagonal double twisted gabions, hexagonal reno mattresses and geotextile.

Heavily Galvanized Gabion Box for Retaining Wall on River Bank

Hot dip galvanized gabion box with mechanically hexagonal woven double twisted galvanized wires, for a retaining wall on the side of a river bank.

Zinc+ PVC Coated Hexagonal Gabion Box

Gabion boxes - galvanized and PVC coated mechanically woven double twisted hexagonal shaped wire mesh , mesh type 100 × 120mm, 80 × 100mm, 60 × 80mm.

Heavy Galvanized or Galfan Gabion Mattress Size

Gabion reno mattress made from woven heavy galvanized or galfan coated wire mesh, mesh type 60 × 80mm, 80 × 110mm, mattress height 0.17m, 0.23m, 0.3m.

Galvanized Gabion Baskets for Flood and Soil Erosion Protection

Galvanized gabion baskets for flood, soil erosion protection work and rock holding shore protection, mesh 30 × 30, 50 × 50, 50 × 100, 60 × 80, 80 × 100mm.

Welded Gabion, Grassland Fence and River Stone Cage Net

We can offer you welded gabion, grassland fence and river stone cage net with different mesh sizes and wire diameters.

Retainer Cage

Retainer cage, gabion cage, retaining wall cage, stone cage for retaining wall, ball retainer cage, ball retainer bearing.

HDPE Coated Woven Gabions Mattresses

HDPE Coated Woven Gabions Mattresses are manufactured from a hexagonal double twist woven wire mesh. Here are the gabion mattresses specifications and technology.