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Gabion Reinforcement System

The realization of reinforcement and support structures such as gabion soil, walls, reinforced concrete, reinforced soil, lives piling, soil nailing, etc. works are widely used in the construction of retaining walls.

Especially in hydraulics of bank protection, road or mountain enlargement and rebuilding of the road, such techniques and technologies do not always represent the optimal solution of operation to simultaneously obtain solid work, draining, easily revive , low environmental impact and landscape.

The classic concrete retaining walls or reinforced concrete work are "grayed out" for which it is desirable to limit the widespread use of integrated environmental and landscape.

The piling lives, be they single or double wall, applications suffer from technical limitations that severely restrict the applicability scope of engineering to nature by restricting the use of geo-technical problems to be minor.

The construction of reinforced soil, in some contexts, such as the widening of the road is particularly burdensome for the need for earthworks at the expense of lithologies in place. Other types of works can be particularly onerous for the need to build strong earthworks successive of housing and works with the installation.

gabion reinforcement system
The photo illustrates the phases of drilling through the structure of the gabion wall nails in a soil-nailing intervention with gabions.
gabion reinforcement system
Stages of assembly of structures and networks of gabion fixing are extremely simple and fast and do not hinder the operations and the creation of the nails next returnees with stones.
gabion reinforcement system
The photo shows the connection of the inner walls of the structures along the same level of gabion nailing.

gabion reinforcement system
Details of the lock nut, the head of the nail plate and compensation. In this case the nails used are self-drilling hollow steel rods 3 meters in length, outside diameter 32 mm and 20 mm internal resistance of 320 KN.
Gabion Reinforcement System
Details of the lock nut, the head of the nail and the plate. In his illustrated the rivets were made of steel bars from 5 meters improved adherence with a diameter of 32 mm and threaded head.
Gabion Reinforcement System
The photo shows the connection between the elements of anchoring and perimeter networks of gabions. Through internal and ties between the cage and the cage that take place during construction, the resulting structure is integral and monolithic.
Gabion Reinforcement System
In detail the connection between the anchor elements and networks of the inner walls of gabions.
Gabion Reinforcement System
The photograph shows the first three levels of soil nailing and gabions nailing in a work of consolidation and green coating.

The new technology combined with gabion reinforcement system designed from the ground and nailing represent an interesting and useful innovations that can create geotechnical works to support mixed-reinforcement.

The support structure is coupled to gravity gabion elements of distribution and stress distribution. The element distribution is designed to work jointly with reinforced soil nails (nails and drilling bars). The gabion they are equipped with reinforced structure with the distribution function of the joint efforts to make the work with the element of gravity of the soil nailing.

This technology creates a garrison draining geotechnical characteristics of work as a gravity wall and geotechnical characteristics of the soil improvement through resistance and shear strength provided by rivets. Even the work receives a significant improvement in gabions geotechnical against possible failure mechanisms for global slip and rupture.

Moreover, these works can be easily revived with the insertion of cuttings during construction or by using green gabions already designed with special pockets vegetative.

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